Van Den Neste MCMLXXX

connecting past wisdom with today's opportunities


Founded in the vibrant era of the 1980s, our company began as the ambitious dream of its dynamic founder. His dedication and innovative spirit laid a strong foundation, enabling the company to grow and evolve through the decades. Over time, this modest endeavor transformed into a management and investment vehicle, encompassing a diverse range of ventures. The entrepreneurial legacy of our founder continues to inspire us, driving our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Drawing from the invaluable lessons and experiences of our past, we view these as essential keys to shaping our future. Our company believes that understanding and embracing our history equips us to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape effectively. By integrating time-tested strategies with contemporary insights, we are poised to anticipate and adapt to market dynamics, ensuring sustained growth and success.



Private equity.

Real Estate

Real estate investments.


Interim- & crisis management.


Van Den Neste MCMLXXX

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